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Lesson One

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photograph (graph-write, draw) - picture drawn by light
telephoto (tele-distant) - light from far away
photometer (metron-measure) - a device which measures light
phototropic (tropos-turn ) - turning toward light
photophilia (philia-love) - love of light
photophobia (phobos-fear) - fear or dislike of light
photosynthesis (syn-together, thesis-put) - a process of putting things together by using light

Teaching Notes: Photograph - Discuss the process of photography and have a child present a report to the class on how it works. With smaller children it would make a good research job to be done as homework with parents. Telephoto - Discuss the purpose of a telephoto lens. If possible, show a sports video which illustrates the zoom effect. Photometer - Ask if any one can bring one from home to show the class. (Maybe a parent will come and do a presentation for the class!) Phototropic - Grow some beans on the window sill and watch the leaves turn to face the light. Photosynthesis - Put some of the bean plants in a dark closet so the children can see what happens when they are deprived of light
Extra Words: Photokinesis (kinesis - movement) light making something move. Science museum shops have photovoltaic devices that look like light bulbs, with little windmill-like panels inside. The panels spin when exposed to light. Phosphorous - (phos - light) photos is another form of this word; + pherein - to bear or produce) - producing light. The Romans took this Greek word, Phos, and made Phosphorus - their name for the bright morning star, Venus.

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